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bikini cleavage clochette mitsumine_minato nipple_slip oshiki_hitoshi overfiltered suzunone_seven swimsuits symmetrical_docking takatori_yuzuri

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Over filtered? It doesn't seem to be that much at all.
it didn't got damaged on details because it hasn't details in the original, but gradations on surface are completely modified.
so this image didn't preserve the original even if it looks quite neat.
(ofcause, it's my personal aspest of overfiltering. remove tag if you like)
No, i was interested in why you tagged it as such. If I saw the original, I might change it as such. But your opinion is as good as mine.

ps: Dammit, midzki. Identify this artist for me! ^^ pwettie pweeze :)

God... i need to get a pixiv account. Not being able to see some of their artworks rather annoys me >.<

lets learn how to use that site now ^^

and nico too, lol ^^
Thanks for the info, midzki ^^
Yeah after a few key words on google, one of the first links was to donmai and that was one tutorial I used.

I've already made an account on nico and pixiv, yesterday :)