hirasawa_yui ishikei k-on! nise_midi_doronokai pantyhose seifuku undressing

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good genial espero q todos piensen lo mismo q yo
y que este tipo de imagenes
son las mejores


Oh my... This picture is so good...

I love this artist's style, the way he colors is so pretty...

... But, man. Take a look at my hidden posts... I could find only one picture from him that wasn't that questionable... *sigh* Why doesn't he draw a bit of safe stuff too, besides the explicit ones... ;_;
Ishikei is well-known for his nsfw images ;p
I didn't know he can draw non-ecchi pics.
lol yeah that's quite surprising.
Claps for Ishikei.

... Doesn't he get tired sometimes?

... Awww. D: