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I've got a nice little job for someone. Can you use the 3 index pages to organise this pool, and let me know which scans are missing?

You'll have my thanks.
I started on it. Only put the first 27 in the right order. I'll work on it more later.
since i dont know how to get xmls from pools, heres just the list of ids this pool should have

hf (thats 208 files)
First page of 80 done. I'll do the other two later tonight sometime.
Finished. No scans are missing.
Useful info in the spoiler.

post count is wrong btw
it should be 211 (-3 = 208 ) , as if it doesnt count parents/child correctly
I've PM'd petopeto about that.
Uh, once I saw a pool which has 27 posts, but shows 26.