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Now if only they'd make that supposed sequel...
A sequel to Burst Angel? No, thanks, original series was already terrible (except for the boobs physics) like 99% of the things Gonzo produces.
I thought that it was a lot of fun. The plot was definitely under par, but the action was good. The characters were good too, but not the best. It's one of those shows that wasn't really all that great but was a lot of fun to watch.
Erh... no.

If there's something worth it from Gonzo, that'd be the first FMP (and the sequels, not produced by Gonzo, were superior).

Most of the stuff they produced was just free fanservice with null plot or terrible development... or Samurai Seven :\
Gonzo has done a lot of stuff. Some of it is great, and some of it is junk. With shows like FMP, Samurai 7, Last Exile, Kiddy Grade, Black Cat, and various others which were quite good, I really don't think that it makes sense to say that everything that Gonzo makes is junk. They make a lot. Some of it is junk. Some of it isn't. And a lot of it depends on your tastes. Gonzo is not the best studio out there, but they have done some high quality work - just not consistently.

I don't think that Burst Angel was the best anime ever by any means, but I quite enjoyed it just the same.

Oh, and as for the FMP sequels being better, of course they were. Kyoto Animation made them. Kyoto Animation is by no means perfect, but basically everything they make is excellent, though some of it may pander to tastes that aren't for everyone. Many would say that they're the best animation studio in Japan right now.
Samurai Seven wasn't good. At all. It's an insult to the original film.

The rest are just poor excuses of series with terrible development but A LOT of eye candy.

No surprise Gonzo broke. 5% of times they got it right (Basilisk, the first chapters of GANTZ, the first Chrono Crusade, etc.), the rest... failures.