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You need to download this one.
lol... maybe moes background should be a bit brighter ?
Just open the picturei n a new window and you won't need to save it and open it in an image viewer to see whats going on.
Ya... An all black image with a see-through background doesn't work very well when the background color that's behind it is black...

It's an okay image I guess, but it sure doesn't show up properly here.
I don't think 1 odd image out of 63,000 will suddenly make petopeto change the background to lilac.

Black/dark grey is the most relaxing to my eyes.
syaoran-kun said:
best scan, favorited.
Oh, you!
Radioactive said:
Black/dark grey is the most relaxing to my eyes.
it was one of the reason that I got interest with this site :D