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Is the Type-Moon tag used for any Type-Moon related image (i.e., fanart), or just official Type-Moon art? I think it's the latter so I'll remove it for now.
What makes you think that the Type Moon tag would only be used for official art?

If its drawn by Takeuchi, then there's a specific tag for that.

The Type Moon tag is for anything Type Moon-related.
Don't go into a hissy fit now. Velen was only confirming a theory.
Because the overwhelming majority of images on moe with the tag are official ones, and most of the fanart posted recently like post #74998 did not receive the tag. I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) this was for a good reason.

Considering official Type-Moon art is not always drawn by Takeuchi, using the Type-Moon tag for only official images makes them much easier to find. There's also the less frequent Koyama, Black, and the (often uncredited) artists who drew most of the magazine spreads. If you use it for all Type-Moon related images, it makes it much more difficult to find official images when you're looking for them.