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So, vistigris, do you consider all stockings to be thighhighs as well - like how school swimsuits and bikinis are also swimsuits (in which case, presumably, _all_ pics with stockings should also be tagged with thighhighs)? From the wiki, I understood that thighhighs are for when there are no garters or garter belt and stockings are for were there are. I don't really care one way or the other, but I'd prefer that they were tagged consistently and it appears that, at minimum, I haven't been tagging them the same way you've been.
The thighhighs tag is pretty much for anything that ends mid-thigh including stockings.
Hmm, can't really agree with that, thighhighs are a very specific thing for me, which doesn't include stockings. I like stockings, sure, but they're not thighhighs.