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chocolat_-maid_cafe_curio- kazami_yui maid manai_misato nekonyan parfait_chocolate_second_brew waitress

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Seems we have some broken urls on this pool. This image's fullsize version saves as:

- nekonyan parfait_chocolate_second_brew

And a bunch of other images all just save as '- nekonyan', which is somewhat annoying when saving them all to the same folder for later sorting as they try and overwrite each other. I guess because one of the tags is using a hyphen at the end? Better to use a tilde symbol imo.
I found nothing wrong except elis is still down. You can try change "elis" to "ranka" or "sheryl" in the fullsize urls and try again.
Hmm, interesting, Firefox saves it correctly. Guess opera doesn't like the tags for some reason then.
Maybe it is because of 「"」. Firefox use 「'」instead of 「"」when save, as we all know, the Windows don't allow 「"」for filename.
And I found IE will also have the problem, and some download software. When I right click "Original image (265 KB) "and choice "save as..", nothing happend.


maybe you can use JUST chocolat and parfait for tag, It seems they don't have ambiguity and easy to key-in.
Hmm, can't say I'm really behind the idea of shortening tags just for convenience. I DO think that tags shouldn't have " in them though if it's going to cause problems like this. Edit them to use ' instead?
If nobodody disagree with it, I will do it now.

Just remove ".