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animal_ears caidychen k-on! nakano_azusa nekomimi pantsu seifuku shimapan tail

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Omg... Even the coloring is identical... I could swear this is Ryohka's... O_O Scarying...
Some artist have yet to develop a style of their own and thus use similar styles to other more popular artist.

Oooh... I see!!! Interesting technique... I've been observing Urotan, Carnelian and CLAMP a lot lately... :) Thanks!
i guess you don't know caidychen is a DA user?

Link. NOW.

EDIT: Thanks! <3
caidychen.deviantart.com? (obviously)
heh, 18years old shanghai kid :o

I've been with deviant art for over 2 years and i've probably haven't seen more than 10% of the site...

there's just too much deviant submissions there >.<
Agreed... So many different artists!

What's your dA, aoie? :D
Debbie said:
Agreed... So many different artists!

What's your dA, aoie? :D
I sure as HELL would like to know.

asterixvader said:
caidychen.deviantart.com? (obviously)
And thanks for the link asterixvader.
Once I get to the point where I think it's presentable i'll gladly show you :)

I spend too much time modding here to draw for ya >.< (well... more like hoping for a good image ^^)
Nyaaaa... >.< Okay! ^_^ Yeah, I should be finishing the piggy girl for onilink and we are all on this site! XD It's temptation. :P

Hope you get enough time to draw! :)