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This picture is one of the best of CLAMP.
I wonder why CLAMP is so loved around the internet, but doesn't receive the tinniest attention here.
The score is ridiculous next to the number of pictures tagged with CLAMP.
Didn't know Clamp was so popular.
not moe / cute enough

not ecchi

and worst

no porn of it
Syaoran and I are both big fans. A rescan of North and South Sides and the CCS books (pool #671, pool #678, pool #968) is planned for...the very distant future.
It IS, it really is.

It's like Pokémon.

MDGeist said:
not moe / cute enought
not ecchi
and worst
no porn of it
Porn fucks good art. Proud that CLAMP didn't trash their art.
(I'm kinda disappointed you think like this)
(But it's your opinion anyways.)
I like Pokemon. Heart Gold and Soul Silver - I await you.
Pool 678 is really good, wonder why hadn't checked it before. Also, CCS is SO lovely, it's immortal. Hope you get your time and will to do it soon.
Soul Silver is a dream - and I can't wait for Crystal remake. Crystal was by far my favorite one.
Sorry honey. No crystal remake. They only re-make two versions - like FireRed and LeafGreen. There will be a Generation V though.

Anyway let me check this pool #678 you two are taking about.
BAW. DISAPPOINTMENT. Uh, I've heard of it. My friend knows it better.
I feel like drawing something about Pokémon... But I spend too much time on Moe to do that...
Oh come on, this picture is so beautiful. Really.

I forgot to vote on it...and I just did.

I'm really late in noticing this but there are two Sakuras identical to each other...but one of them has breast...(going by that one old New-type USA Magazine I had).

Is this Sakura like an older version of Cardcaptor Sakura?
Yes, it's the adult Sakura on the plot.
Read TRC for more info.
(It's a really good manga)