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anna carnevale_della_luce_della_luna cornalina crease garter_belt iris_(carnevale) lunaria maid oosaki_shinya pantsu perla shimapan stockings thighhighs

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I checked through this artbook and found his names.
osaki sinya
ohsaki shinya
oosaki shinya
... different page by page :p
The other images here seem to be listed as osaki sinya and not ohsaki shinya as this one is tagged. You may want to pick one to make them all consistent.
post #75346 post #12288
plus, konachan uses osaki shinya.

edit: and found oosaki sinya in another page on the book XD
they must be intentional
Well I guess the other option is to tag all of his name variations on all images. <_<
I'll change the alias once you decide which one you want.
I'm for oosaki shinya following in modified Hepburn system.