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breasts cream nipples open_shirt pantsu youta

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Theme 01. H-girl (P.004-P.013)
Are there anything other than ecchi on the book? :p
nn.. gamma's a bit high? I couldn't notice the gamma before all processing finished. but looking them after, my eyes are getting tired to watch them, perhaps because it's too bright.
I'll let them one night and decide I should adjust them or not.
My monitor is very if something is too my monitor it's white :D. For this image i don't think the gamma is way too high. Acceptable imo.
but I feel them something wrong :/ let me try fix colors.

does it look better?
mmm..yeah maybe 2nd looks a bit better imo.
It's a bit darker, and warmer--the red areas stand out a lot more (blush, nipples), and of course more contrast in the shadows. I couldn't say if it's better or not.
anyway, I have to use same profile to scan rest pages.
I decide to leave them unchanged, and if someone want to the 2nd colors, just post .acv file which can load on Photoshop :)
youta is seen very beautiful