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animal_ears cum holo joe_sage naked nipples spice_and_wolf tail

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Possibly my favorite image so far.
Horo is equivalent to C.C. :3
And yet it's _Kallen_ that she shares a voice actress with, not C.C...
so....the girl is a fox or the fox is a girl
The girl's actually a wolf... It makes sense when you read the series name...
afaik its a little ooof inside a garl
More useful comments, please Kallen)(
This may be one of my favourites that is hentai-ish... I really don't know about spice and wolf doujins, she doesn't really fit in, in most of them. The anime is great but I can't get my hands on the manga ;( haha I think by time I do I'll be 50 or something and have a big life with a family in a big house then I'll get back into manga and anime ect. Lol. It would be weird. P.S. I do know I'm posting on most old things, but I bet it won't be posted on for another year. ^_^
I wish I can have that apple!?