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Stop removing the overfiltered tag. This image IS indeed overfiltered. Can't you see how flat and blurry it looks?
This is so blurry it's hard to look at even in the sample. I'm inclined to delete it...
shame...the image is so cute :/
Weren't there more overfiltered Tayutama scans? Maybe my imagination.
Radioactive said:
Weren't there more overfiltered Tayutama scans? Maybe my imagination.
post #78525 is one of them
600dpi telephone card (or same size card) scan always failed.
I've banned him for a few days.

This may not actually be overfiltered--if it's a telecard, this is typical--but repeatedly reverting the tag instead of explaining himself is obviously unacceptable behavior.
New ID is used because it was blocked. overfiltered tag is Unpleasantness.As for the addition of tag, I want you to make it only to the feature of the picture.The comment on noticed seeing a little while ago at the following. I think that sentences are amusing because I use the translation site.
Try your language. Someone here may know it.
I unblocked him, and he went and deleted all of his posts. So, I'm permanently banning him, undeleting the posts, and I'll probably implement a deletion deadline so people can't do this. Guess it was inevitable that someone would be a dick enough to make it necessary, but it's a shame that people are so juvenile...
I think the quality is a little bad but the art is good enough for leaving them here since we don't have a substitute. Also post #78525.
Relative to the source, the quality is fine (http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r55597634). It just needed to be tagged so we know what we're looking at.
They're okay at normal resolution (zoom out). Zooming them to monitor size is just too much, and the print quality isn't great...
I know the print quality of cards.
It makes me give up scanning.
post #61515 was the best I can, but I have a beef on the result.