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Akira Ijyuin; Utako Ohkawa (Clamp School Detectives)
Nokoru Imonoyama; Suou Takamura (Clamp School Detectives)
Fuu Hououji; Umi Ryuuzaki; Hikaru Shidou (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Mokona (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Kamui Shirou (X)
ashura clamp clamp_school_detectives hououji_fuu ijuuin_akira imonoyama_nokoru magic_knight_rayearth miyuki-chan_in_wonderland miyuki_(miyuki-chan_in_wonderland) mokona rgveda ryuuzaki_umi shidou_hikaru shirou_kamui souryuuden sumeragi_subaru takamura_suou x

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The dupe detector isn't working properly on these ones.
Try downloading it and then run it through http://moe.imouto.org/post/similar It doesn't get flagged. I has the same issue with the version from the AP torrent. Some of Midzki scans have this same problem.

I'll see if I can through to piespy on IRC
Hmm, do you know how the tool gets the posts it searches? If you search the sample at http://iqdb.hanyuu.net/ nothing comes up either.
I know it doesn't search held posts until they are released, and I suspect it has problems with posts that are held for a long time (if I remember correctly, a couple weeks for this image).
I just tested a short-term held image and it has the same behaviour. Must be some flag on held images not being removed when activated.

This will have to go on petopetos bug list.