chikotam eden sion

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This isn't by Nanao Naru (unless she's totally changed her style, which I kinda doubt), tag removed. Anyone got any idea who it actually is? Getchu hasn't got any details of the game up yet and the Minori site doesn't appear to have the artist either (not that I've found anyway).
I'm assuming you mean the upcoming game by minori (since Eden is kind of a common name). Erogamescape says Chikotam's working on the art.
I didn't tag these, I just removed the incorrect artist tag. And yes, it's that eden, which should technically have a * after the name but since people will probably moan if I add that I didn't bother.
So it's chikotam? Neat, thanks, I'll add the tag then :)
The artist of eden was told by TECH GAIN first.

See the text part of post #69967.
'*' isn't a forbidden character in Danbooru, but generally you shouldn't use it in tags because it also serves as the wildcard character and makes things confusing.
Yes, but characters like that in general appear to be frowned upon around here so I've given up using them. And yeah, it also being the wildcard is reason enough not to use it.