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haramura_nodoka miyanaga_saki saki sasaki_masakatsu seifuku thighhighs

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megami strikes again...QUALITY knee...maybe that's fixable in some way..i'll give it a shot later.
Crop it lol Probably easier than trying a rebuild ;p
looks a bit like copy pasted + mirrored in ps or so
Knowing how crappy megami artists tend to be, I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.
MDGeist said:
looks a bit like copy pasted + mirrored in ps or so
Saki also wear thighhighs?
Hot :3
midzki said:
Saki also wear thighhighs?
Hot :3
Saki needs to wear thighhighs like her wife nodoka :3
hmm when i first saw the smaller one the knee definitely looked awkward but upon closer inspection, is it probably the shading? cos the linework seems normal enough...or are my eyes deceived again?
.... her leg looks like it's on BACKWARDS, how is that normal? ;p
bust size < thigh size.
pity saki ;_;
i'm thinking it's the cropping that made it look backwards. if we could see a little lower it'd probably look something like this
See, that looks loads better. So yeah, I'm inclined to agree it'd look better if it wasn't shoddily cropped. Still a bit off, but certainly not as bad as it is now.