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You'll make it twice as far than with a boobian
LOL guess peoples started to use my term Boobian here :P But you probobly get more than twice as far than with a boobian anyway :)
Just not run in the street with the loli...take a detour in the woods.
What the hell does "Boobian" mean?

Going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow. Time to meet cute girls ^^
a... girl that happens to have... boobs? i would assume.

probably based on the idea that the best ones do not have....
aoie_emesai said:
Time to meet cute girls ^^
You'll be shocked that they aren't in RL
lmao the comments rlz xDD
You shouldn't really reply to comments that were made several months ago. Though in this case only Havoc, Van and Mugi will/might not see it.
There's nothing wrong with it, stop telling people what they can say...

(ed: nothing wrong with replying to old comments; there was plenty else wrong with his comment...)
Ack, Sorry, tis late and I just found out my brother maxed out megavideo for 40 more minutes, so I probably got confused with kona.