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16:9 -_-
how many people can use them without cropping/blackbars?
People should mover to widescreen, your old fashioned display is hurting the environment ya know..... -.-
As if they say discard old 1920x1200, then buy new 1920x1080 :p
/Me will stick with CRT as long as possible. Sadly hard to get good ones right now ><. But they are so much better at produce better picture then the shitty TFT/LCD.
CRT's contrast is do not want. Colors look dead on them.
That's why you buy a good LCD, not a shitty one.
Yes and good CRT classified for color is also in the 2000$ range. for an CRT you can calibrate them very well including for Contrast.
The blackpoint of any LCD is annoying, but the color of my FPW2407 is very good--and if I put a 24" CRT on my desk, I'd have a hole in the floor.
Well encontered LCD's who have problems with White as well, granted my CRT is starting to have problems with black but then it isn't exactly a new monitor, time to swap them out but isn't easy to find CRT anymore.

As for 24" :P well just waste of money LOL. This is litterly my setup :P yeah both CRT :P


And yes my camera ( cellphone ) sucks and yes the lightning in the room isn't the best on nightime :P.
Pro Tip: Don't store documents on your desktop in Windows XP.
I switched to LCD 7 years ago, because my eyes hurt when I look at CRTs for too long (even when they're set to the highest refresh rate they support). I've had Samsung 244T for 3 years now, and I have yet to find a monitor that has better picture than it (it's contrast is better than my fairly new Dell 3008WFp). I wouldn't dream of going back to CRT.
Mugi and I thought I had a lot of garbage on my desktop. I switched to LCD too and not looking back to CRT, I can see 60Hz flickering straight on and higher refresh rates with corner of the eye, can make anybody go nuts. I love my Samsung SyncMaster T240, better than any monitors I had before.
Except not running at 60Hz :P who hell run an CRT on 60Hz? Minimum is 75 and preferably you want 85Hz, and that's what I run both my monitors on. I personally see no flickering at all and I got really good eye/color sight.
I'm using a http://www.sony.co.uk/product/t32-x-series/kdl-40x3500 as my PC screen. It is a huge improvement over my old 19" CRT.

I do need to get around to properly calibrating the screen for PC use...
I run on a CRT cause it was better than my older LCD.