air kannabi_no_mikoto moonknives naked wings

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Maya iincho's theory about votes is true D:

This is a picture I uploaded just because I felt like it (I dun particularly like Kanna, btw), and it already has 16 votes.
Well, I _really_ like it, so I selected it as my avatar. I don't remember how many votes it had before I did that, but since I do post comments, I'm sure that my having it as an avatar has really boosted the number of people who have seen it. And boosting the number of people who see an image will generally boost how many people vote on it.
You may have something there.
post #8022 got many more votes cause I used as my avatar for a long time too. ^^

We can also test this too :)
Mine has leapt from 19 to 30 votes after posting the link in the forum, and using it as my avatar.
I got the rest of the pics (artbooks) that includes this one but were talking about filtering 300+ pics but I'm lazy and going to bed now :(
Nobody else seems to like amimi. :|
petopeto said:
Nobody else seems to like amimi. :|
I do, it's just that artbooks and scans are absolute hell to find. So many awesome books like BURN MY BLOOD and だいすき桐条美鶴FES that no one bothers to post.
Amimi is awesome. I'll get her C76's stuff probably.
You really love <AIR>.
Yes it's true!! If I see a good avatar, with an interesting or/and beautiful art, I see the picture. It's a good way to make some photos famous I think : D
I think my avatar and Aoie's are the most successful ones among all avatars ♫
But I'm not sure.

Maybe we helped the pictures growing a good score?
I was thinking about that, recently.
Try playing volleyball with b-cup I swear it's gonna hurt after 1 hour
It's cause my avatar is superb of course. Basically I choose and stick with avatars that matches me best (personality wise).
I do believe you, Feito... I really do.

Varion takes third place with post #70864
Nice choice, Varion!