bikini erect_nipples fixme murakami_suigun pajama silvery_white swimsuits

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Dovac? If you wanted this fixed, In what ways would you want them? A single 2 page spread like it should be or separated into 2 single images? Same thing to the other 3 silvery white Murakami Suigun images too that needs fixing. I'll fix it up as good as I can and leave it as 2 separate images and leave it as it till I get a response from you; If you want it into a single 2 page spread, i'll just join the two images for you, if not i'll leave them as is as 2 separate images and post them up.
I forgot why I put it fixme on it..
Actually now that I think about it, it doesn't really need fixing other than the binding in the middle, but it doesn't really matter if it's there since the stock is what's mostly matters. I'll just leave this image on "maybe need to be fixed." There's more important ones that need fixing ^^