anna carnevale_della_luce_della_luna maid oosaki_shinya thighhighs

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Perchance is this image and the various other carnevale della luce della luna images that midziki posted within the last few hours done by oosaki shinya? They sure look like his artwork, but I don't know how you'd know for sure other than by looking at the source.
I usually trust Midzki's sources.
aoie_emesai said:
I usually trust Midzki's sources.
Well, I didn't say anything about not trusting them. It's just that midzki didn't mark who the artist was and I they look to me like they're probably done by oosaki shinya. Where midzki got them from may or may not have indicated who the artist was.

As to what I was saying about the source, I just was saying that I don't know how you'd know for sure who did it if the source didn't say. In some cases you can almost be certain just because the artist's style is unique enough, but even then, there are no guarantees.
mostly in the case I forgot tagging, it's just repeating the same tag.
Well, thanks for the great posts. I think that oosaki shinya is my new favorite artist. Great stuff.