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animal_ears breasts loli natsume_eri nekomimi nipples no_bra open_shirt pantsu shimapan

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38,7 celsius? oh, poor thing :(
Such a cute little girl also
Not exactly sure what high fevers have to do with 'sign of infection' other hand infection can give fevers , but this picture doesn't mention anything of that.

38.7C is also not that high fevers if you ask me, it's high when it getting close to 40C.
And to mention extra more, shes' a cat, a cat's inner body temperature is 38C, which would make this cat have almost no fevers at all.
Of course you know i was sarcastic on my comment.

My cat just scratches me >.<
MugiMugi said:
shes' a cat
I lol'd ^^
Aw. Its sad and cute at the same time.