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Is GONZO trolling the fuck out of us..where's my kiddy grade 2 :|
syaoran-kun said:
Is GONZO trolling the fuck out of us..where's my kiddy grade 2 :|
It's not Kiddy Grade 2 anymore. That's been scrapped. It's now Kiddy Girl-AND being produced by asread(Studio who made Shuffle! The Anime) instead of GONZO. Studios switched. Kiddy Girl-AND probably released by Nov.2009 according to latest news.
isn't asread the one that did minami-ke okaeri? hope kiddy grade doesn't end up like that...
Why you give up on us GONZO?!!!

I guess they were tired of waiting as well...

but gimik is still in the mix, right?

If not, I don't know if want (unless the yuri is present)
The sequel, with the provisional title of Kiddy Grade 2, was originally to be animated by asread, who also animated the pilot DVD and did the reanimation and extra scenes for the movies.
For some reason in the two years since the studio has changed again to Satelight. The title has obviously also changed, along with the appearance and general demeanour of Ascoeur. I have no idea why the studio changed, although I believe that is why there was silence for so long, while the contracts and whatnot were being worked out.
The gímik trio are still in charge however, and Kanetake Ebikawa seems to be tagging for the ride also (he did the mechanical designs for the original pilot and the newer revisions on the official site have his name on them). The rest of the staff and cast are currently unknown.
asread would have been OK if they worked to Ga-rei quality (while avoiding any CG dinosaurs). I've not seen a greate deal of Satelight's work but they have some well regarded series under their belt like Hellsing Ultimate, Noein and Macross Frontier.
Probably the studio changed because they wanted the series to be well developed (something that Gonzo fails at doing, most of the times).
Again, the studio changed from asread to Satelight - Gonzo has never had anthing to so with the sequel. I'm assuming this change of studio mid-production is either the cause or the result of the 2 year gap with very little information.
Well Great News! Kiddy Girl-AND Oct.15th yey! Not NOV. no more. I think this is what future animation might look like or what we can expect. post #95486
Go Q-feuille and ascoeur!
Thank the gods!

I am happy that I have something to replace the Canaan slot!


Now if only I could find Saki's replacement, this year would kick ass!
Why... and I was so looking forward to this sequel :(
Well, at least they didn't cancel, but at this rate they might as well have.

First of all, I'll admit the original series started off a bit light and undeveloped,
but it totally made-up for that as the chapters progressed and the plotline finally came together.
And the final result was a true work of art which I personally never get tired of (re)watching :) bd

But this, this I truly can not stand for... they've practically turned the whole thing into another dime-a-dozen Bishojo.
Not that I have anything against the genre mind you... aú contráire, gratuitous fanservice and lighthearted whimsicalness where the salt and pepper of Kiddy Grade, however all of that was well balanced out with a serious dose of intrigue and actual plot spoiler

*ahem* Like I was saying, after watching what must be about half of the whole series (up to about ep. 13) I belive I am starting to see a pattern.
It's as if after what must be a near-suicidal launch spoiler they suddenly realized the gaping hole in their plotline (and fanbase) so they decide to fall back on the original format by adding intrigue and drama in the form of Killing-Off some of (the best) supporting characters spoiler

All in all I can't help but feel like this series is quickly falling into the gutters, as not even the fanservice can save them anymore :(

PS: and what is up with Ascóeur? I liked the promo-version 2.5 times better :(
BAH, i hate it when series kill of main characters.... though not anime, Megaman Zero 4 is an example.....
I think killing off main characters just adds to the element of suprise such as Code Geass it has a tendency to kill off lots of main characters. And

Neferius said:
Everything Neferius just said
Have you seen past Ep.13? Such as Ep.14, 15, 16 ? The series GOT REAL these last 3 episodes. So much I went to go rewatch Kiddy Grade to understand just language was going on. Sure the first half was pretty Bishojo'ish but hey, who can blame them? I really hope they keep amping it up. Because if they totally goof off what they have built up, I'm seriously angry.