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Hmmm... maybe I'm wrong, but isn't this the Ciel clone?
I'm fairly certain it's Akane; she has her hairstyle and kimono. Can't imagine who else it could be. It's definitely not Chie though. Ciel clone ;_;
Akane has green hair. Also, IIRC, her eyes are smaller (and green too).

So... uh, no.
Her hair is green, just not bright green. Compare it to the leaves on the tree. The shading used on this particular image makes it look blue-green, like the shading on post #8109 makes it look dark grey-ish. Colors vary.
I dun see any green in the hair in this case :x (unless I'm daltonic or whatever it is written).

Also... gawd, the faces are completely different. This girl is clearly Chie. She doesn't have Akane's more serious looks.
I can see tiny bits of green coloring on her hair where the leaves don't cast a shadow. She looks like Akane to me as well, even if looking particularly young. Chie has shorter hair/different hairstyle and wouldn't act this formal.