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omg so sweet...but that simbol in left corner...nahhh she can't be...omg wait a trap tag?!?! D: no it can't be....noooooOOOOO000000
HaruhiSuzumiya said:
( Ignores the trap tag )
I don't understand any of those things!! I feel so dumb : ( *cries*
HaruhiSuzumiya said:
I don't understand any of those things!! I feel so dumb : ( *cries*
Are they writing in Japanese? The symbols seem short...and I don't know what Aoie just wrote. I guess my Unicode or whatever things isn't working properly or not the right type. They could also be playing.

I don't know Haruhi-chan but don't feel bad. It's MOD Talk after all. They have secret clubs and whatnot.
Omg I totally get it now aoie thing is a bunny! So cute but midzkis is I think a man iN shock with a beard. ( I zoomed out on my phone to get the big picture)
*we raise our arms with rage against you two (#゚Д゚)
Noooo! I didn't mean it like that. I meant that either way trap or not I still
love it. Not any disrespect for that. But now I know that. Didn't know that guide got updated