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bra cleavage megane nipple_slip open_shirt pantsu shinshin thighhighs

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needs to merge names as aliase but I don't know which.

ps: Idiots can believe the note. (and now it became history :P)
Leave shinshin as the tag, alias sinsin (we'd always romanize し as shi, not si, unless the artist him/herself uses si, in which case we'd use that).
Post #65015 and http://doujinshi.mugimugi.org/author/3953/SINSIN/ both have it as sinsin, but I don't know for sure if that is what the artist actually uses.
Ok, took a look at his site and he clearly uses しんしん (he doesn't have 'sinsin' in english anywhere I can see, so shinshin is therefore logical), so I vote for it to be changed to shinshin and sinsin aliased.