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Been waiting for this, spoiler
Spoiler? spoiler
Was clear to me since the beginning
*Sigh*. It has been _officially_ stated that spoiler But for some reason, no one wants to believe that. I suppose that part of the problem is that the main place that it's been stated has been in magazines in Japan which non-Japanese folks can't typically read.

There's plenty of artwork out there which represents events in Code Geass which not only didn't happen but never could have happened at any point in the story regardless of the ending. And it's not like it's unique to Code Geass for there to be artwork which has nothing to do with the story or even contradicts it.
when people wanted things more than official, doujin was born.
midzki said:
when people wanted things more than official, doujin was born.
Yeah, and considering how often anime goes into trainwreck territory, that's a good thing.
hm... Lassie spoiler
Shuugo said:
so... this symbolized that the dude would do it with a dog and C.C. would watch?
No, it's just from the fevered imaginings of some random artist with enough clout to get his picture into a magazine.
I like this picture because it reminds me of my dog.