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I think it's time for us to change misato_mitsumi to mitsumi_misato,maybe and noizi_ito, because all aritists else at moe use the Japanese name order. (I can't do it myself since there is a tag implication from mitsumi_misato to misato_mitsumi)

They should not be special even though it is the large number of their counts :P
vote+1 for fireattack.
(since I said same things several times..)
Someone set mitsumi_misato -> misato_mitsumi and amaduyu_tatsuki -> tatsuki_amaduyu aliases a long time ago. Been thinking about changing that for a little bit. Noizi Ito has a bunch of aliases going to her name too, and I want to leave it that way since I think that's how she's best known. We have a few exceptions for people like her, Tony Taka and Tohru Adumi.

Edit: oh wait, looks like someone did the Tatsuki one already.
Also, going to wait for aoie to come back before changing anything with Mitsumi :P
It was me who did tatsuki just a moment ago.