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extreme_content guro nihonga

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That is really messed up :s
hmm.... this is truly not a hentai in my two eye... cuz' i dont the sense any feeling from this scene... just as unpleasant scene to me...

i dont like girl being treat like toys or foods....
josewhiteheart said:
Ugh... My Stomach...
Blacklists. Use them.

I don't know, I like most of these artworks in a crazy bastard kind of way.
Also I can't help but think: human jigsaw puzzle.
Oh, you see the mantis over there? That's where the artist got the idea (probably).
But it's the female who kills the male, not otherwise.
josewhiteheart said:
Ugh... My Stomach...
Commenting just keeps knocking this picture to the top for others to see who don;t have the blacklist lol. Stop complaining
extreme_content is in the default blacklist for 'new' users so the thumbnail wouldn't show.
Thanks.... 2 more tags to never see the face of again