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morinaga_korune no_bra open_shirt pantsu undressing

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testing an alternate scanner while waiting my canoscan repaired.
before I start scanning moeoh 2009-08, I have one thing to ask you guys.
this and my few latest scans are edited at 300dpi for sharp images, but olders including otona no moeoh are edited at 450 dpi.
although I personally prefer 300dpi but if you want 450dpi, then I'll edit them at 450dpi (or 400dpi is also O.K.. Kalafina or Suemura must be using 400dpi, so it'll become same size)
Yea..300 is fine for me too.
Radiosity said:
Real men use 1600 ;p
I'm a trap ;p
You should be careful around syao then ;p