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It's going a bit too far!
*At least cover a little!
Quickly, strip yourself♥
It's no big deal
Since we are all girls, there's nothing to mind.
Quite bold, isn't it?

*Moving, isn't it?
Although the illustrations are lovely, this is bold...
eeeeee? Even tsukasa says this...
I also want to see my sister~
We don't do this casually so come join us kagamin~
We were talking about the manga that I lent tsukasa, and found ourselves in that sort of mood.

*What are you doing here?
Oh~ welcome back, kagamin~
What the...!?
I had a sudden change in my plan so I came back early
Tsukasa, I suppose Konata is here?
hiiragi_kagami hiiragi_tsukasa izumi_konata loli lucky_star naked naruse_hirofumi ren-ai_mangaka yuri

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i would really love to know what they're saying U_U...(I'm sure it's to laugh to death)
danbooru might have a translation, but I don't have an account so it's hidden
Added translations, serves as some writing practice for me...
(o_ _)ノ彡☆バンバン ギャハハハ...OMG, I'm crying (and my belly hurts). This is so immensely funny! Thank you very much for the translation kiowa!!!
This is great - especially in light of the predominate kagami+konata - this should be OK for a rating:q though, shouldn't it?
kiowa said:
Added translations, serves as some writing practice for me...
thank you very much!
Please can you translate the rest when you have time?