alice_parade futarimeno_alice ito_noizi male unisonshift wallpaper

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This is the other Alice...a male...the protagonist. Any suggestions on how to properly separate the tags of the two? For now.....his tag from me will be Alice.

Also so far the Japanese (I mostly ASSUME) characters I've seen on these images are each different than the other character wallpaper. If that's their name...then forgive me as I can't read them and need help on them.

I hope to learn them some day. I heard it is really hard.

That should be all the character wallpapers. Now I'm just gonna tag them. I'll post if something interest me.
Changed her tag to alice_(alice_parade) to avoid conflict with a previous tag. Thinking of just changing his tag to alice-kun.
So the female should be alice_(alice_parade) and the male alice-kun? Also neko should be neko-san?

Gotcha. Thanks! Redoing images not changed yet.

I'm gonna be tired after this but I DO want to help in any way since I'm subscribed to Moe...and this site has THE best images of Anime and such.

Damn vistigris you work fast! Or am I too slow?
his original name is makino-arisu in Japanese romanization. makino_alice might better :D
a girl named alice at the story was named miori as her born name (in the prestory in the game, maybe). but I have no idea what means their names were changed in the main story :P
NinthAltima, just paste Japanese words you wanna get transrated.
I'm an expert on Japanese =D