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ass c.c. code_geass dress kallen_stadtfeld pantsu shirley_fenette sumeragi_kaguya tabata_hisayuki thighhighs wedding_dress

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This picture looks really really off, can't quite put my finger on it.

That doesn't look like Sheryl (maybe it's the makeup?) and it looks like she got a breast reduction (maybe it's the dress?)

Kaguya doesn't look quite right either. Maybe I'm just nitpicking?
Yeah, and I definitely don't remember Ranka having that big of an ass.
Velen said:
Yeah, and I definitely don't remember Ranka having that big of an ass.
Ranka? Who's that?
NinthAltima said:
Ranka? Who's that?
It looks like Velen is mixing up Code Geass and Macross Frontier - though other than them having a similar hair color, I don't know how you could confuse C.C. and Ranka. Maybe they're trying to be funny. Unfortunately, since writing lacks a tone of voice, it can be hard to tell sometimes.

In any case, I'd say that this is definitely a good pic overall, but the gals do look a tad odd - especially Shirley.
Girls really are drawn in a "exotic way" compared to original.

Shirley looks like the black haired girl from Pretty Cure, same hairstyle and loli face. (Shirley aint loli duh!)
And as for Kaguya she looks like a geisha, uh huh~

Funnily most appealing girl in this pic is Kallen, though normally I don't like her.
Must be cause she wears a skirt for once, did she ever wear one in the series? Propably yes but can't remember ^^.

And C.C. sure does have nice ass, must be the effect of pizza, hah.