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This pic is great and all, but a score of 183 with only 20 favorites? I don't think that I've ever seen a pic with a score anywhere near this high before. Maybe the score is legit, but it seems awfully inflated to me. I'd look at the most popular posts are to compare ratings, but I can't find a way to see popular images for a span greater than a month, let alone the life of the site.

post #83415 looks pretty inflated too. Weird stuff going on here...

There a couple with scores that seem wrong.
Post #45310....
Someone's definitely screwing around with some of the scores.
If someone's going to screw around with the scores, it would be a lot funnier for them to pick a really bad pic to give a high score.
may I write howto:votecheat? (゚∀゚)/アヒャ
cuz I know.

btw, I asked peto of the way to search order:favorites instead of scores. the answer was there is no such way (works only single user's favorites) >_>