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HaruhiSuzumiya said:
Me in the morning. ; )
Interesting to know...if you're a female that is.........
G.I.R.L = Guy In Real Life

Boss aoie_emesai said:
G.I.R.L = Guy In Real Life

That was cool in how you just did that.
B.O.Y. = Buddy Of Yaoi :o
midzki said:
B.O.Y. = Buddy Of Yaoi :o
midzki, you are scary
Obligatory no girls on the internet.

Men are men
Girls are men
Little girls are the FBI
IN before evil tsundere spirit (Feito) going "zomg internet is ruled by men"
lol I was about to check for any comments and like wtf, but hey its' true... But even so, you'll still do my bidding so it's okay "for now" o.0 ufufufu.....