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ass cream erect_nipples feet kuroda_kazuya naked_apron

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Wait a second. This artist cannot draw feet like that. Has it been mis-tagged ?
Nope, it is Kazuya. Must've been a bad day or something, he normally does fine feet.
Radiosity said:
he normally does fine feet.
Oh, no he doesn't...

The foot does differ a lot from how he normally 'attempts' to draw them.
looks like a student of his finished the job...
lol looks like that could be the case. He can do decent-ish feet, but you'll probably notice in most of his images the feet are absent ;)
ah lol, just checked my collection, thats a shoop!

and the feet are fucking poor, cause original bugbug cover had them covered!
found a wallpaper with her "real" feet... :)
JP said:
not good

If he doesn't approve, then it's not good.