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(Edit) Hmm, I should have looked this up before. Currently there aren't many pictures uploaded from these series (sengoku_rance, ouka_sengoku, sengoku_musou_2, sengoku_basara and hyakka_ryouran_samurai_girls), so I don't think we need to add the series name to every character tag. Removed the "_(copyright)" bit from characters that weren't duplicated.
I intended to leave the unqualified versions for the original historical figures (unlikely as it may be that we'll get art of them) since the Sengoku era seems to be a popular plot point, so we won't need to go about the business of deciding which series characters' get qualified and which don't.
After checking how many series actually covered the Sengoku era, I realized that's probably the best way of dealing with these. I still find it a bit unnecessary to qualify characters that currently aren't duplicated and/or aren't common to all series, but that doesn't seem very consistent anymore. Should I undo all the changes, then? (Perhaps we should apply this to the Bakumatsu-themed series as well.)
I'd prefer to add the qualifiers back on, though maybe we can some of them shorten a little like *_(basara) and *_(rance). I agree about Bakumatsu series, though I can't think of too many off the top of my head besides...Hakuouki and Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto.
Shortening them would be perfect - maybe *_(rance), *_(ouka), *_(musou) and *_(basara)? Honestly, I can only think of rurouni_kenshin and peacemaker_kurogane, this last one and hakuouki seem to be the most problematic. Just a thought.
Why not add a ambiguous tag for the commonly used ones, and the have it suggest the different series?
That could work in a way if we always used the series tag to perform a search, but I'm afraid it might get too messy. We could use ambiguous tags as implications though, just like the metaseries tags.