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gundam gundam_unicorn hiten mecha_musume sscp wallpaper

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fireattack, do you have any idea as to what this artist's name is romanized as?
飛天御剣流 (From Rurouni_Kenshin):ひてん み つるぎ りゅう
飛天御姉流:ひてん み あね りゅう?

I'm not sure.. It's better to ask midzki :X
If he's taking his name from the sword fighting style, then I guess it's hiten_mitsurugi-ryuu. Gosh that brings back memories of the days I used to watch that show on Cartoon Network...
Oh no, I think his name actually from the original name of that style but a little different.

In Chinese, 御姐(御姉) means maybe 姉御 is Japanese, which is opposite to loli.
御姉 can be read 'onee' in Japanese (kun) way.
onii-chan (big-bro) <=> onee-chan (big-sis) :)
but I don't know this is what he thinks. he is Taiwanese.

edit: hiten-onee-ryuu has the most harmonized sound for Japanese.