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ryuuga_shou seifuku thighhighs

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Why was the cape tag removed?
I'm trying to use it only for girls that are only wearing a cape. Would changing it to naked_cape make it more clear? I'll write a wiki entry on it later.
Oh, I see. I think it would be a good idea to keep cape but also create a separate naked_cape tag, like apron and naked_apron. There are a lot of good, non-naked pictures of girls wearing capes (like this one) so it would be a shame to leave them out. If you agree, I'd be happy to sort through them, tag them appropriately and maintain the tags from now on.
Sounds fine to me. Go for it.
(And write the two wiki entries while you're at it, please)
If you guys plan on differentiate a few others. I can't remember them at the moment, since we're planning on this project, we might as well alter the others too :)
Awesome, thanks Aurelia. With the logic of apron/naked_apron in mind, I removed cape and naked from the posts with naked_cape since it would be rather redundant otherwise.

There are a few other unclear tags that have been confusing me, but I'll mention it on the thread in the forums rather than spamming the comment section up (as I often do.)