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ass hatsune_miku headphones kagome pantsu screening thighhighs vocaloid

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That's a fake Miku, she's not wearing shimapan! :o
OMFG. I'm sorry.
Kagome... Forgot? XD
kyoushiro said:
It's Kagamin!
... Ahn? x.x
Yeah, we should lay off, I think we're starting to "Traumatize" Debbie, if you know what I mean.

(lol circle joke)
LOL. I really don't get that :B
Nice avie btw. I'm still too lazy to download Firefox and set mine. XD
what's the difference between shimapan and pantsu? i mean... besides the lines.
'practically, stripe has a function that show the curves of hip brilliantly' a ero guy said.
(don't know it's true or not :p)
Just change the tag then XD
Pro help pls. Lolz.