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animal_ears breasts censored cum japanese_clothes kitsune megane miko nipples no_bra open_shirt pantsu penis ryuuga_shou sketch tail yuri

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Scanned at 1200dpi...and resized to 600 dpi...
If image looks bad... maybe... I should resize to 300dpi?
scanning to 600 is more than enough usually.
OK... 600dpi scan and 300dpi resize... thanks to advise syaoran-kun :)
For our purpose, we don't really need anything more than 600dpi :)
It's not purpose, it's content--most stuff isn't printed at 1200 DPI, or even 600 DPI. If someone took a 300 DPI A4 source, and scaled it to an A8 card on a very high-resolution printer, then 1200 DPI could definitely be useful. I don't think we've ever seen anything like that, though.
over 600dpi is mainly used for photo scans.

monochrome paper print: 600dpi
color paper print: 350/360 dpi
dakimakura print: 200dpi or less (many of them are using upscaled material)