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cal_devens gun pantsu phantom_of_inferno seifuku thighhighs yamashita_yoshimitsu

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Good Drei, you look kinda... off.
Why do I get the Revy vibes when I see her in this pose? Hmm...
All grown up...
Well, I never really believed her age difference. This character design is at least more convincing.
But ultimately we'll just have to see when she debuts.
This is actually... a pretty cool re-design. Much better than the original one in the Phantom promo art before the anime aired. Why is she in a school uniform, though? Where's my red overcoat?
I don't like it.

It looks like she's working on trying to get her corruption stat up.

She was much cuter in the visual novel.
Where did the breasts go!!!!???? D:
Better with no big breasts.
to fukae:
Behind the guns, underneath her shirt I think...
Well, the scan was deceiving. Her proportions stay true to the game after all.