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&love ass crease fixme miru_(&love) swimsuits yuyi

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"Dengeki" Series is always great...

But If I can ask... What's the meaning of "Dengeki"? And what different "Dengeki Hime" and "Dengeki Moeoh"

Most of the Dengeki stuff comes from Hime and Moeoh, occasionally some stuff from G's, Daioh and Bunko.
Dengeki Hime: PC games (only ero =D)
Dengeki Moeoh: Original Illustrations

Dengeki staffs are good at finding new/obscure/doujin artists. Megami sucks in this point.
Megami sucks on most points.
Radiosity said:
Megami sucks on most points.
Megami has a few good posters :) (sometimes ^^)
I still like my Megami Deluxe magazines I have ;__;
Megami usually has one or two save-worthy posters.

Of course, I don't usually save the strictly /c/ stuff, and not every show has attractive girls, so yeah.
LOL. I love how having the first two tags being ass and crease means that reading the browser's title bar, you get ass crease at the beginning. This is particularly funny when taking into account what the girl's swimsuit is doing with her ass in this image.
Thx, help me alot to learn more about japan magazines...