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Where do ppl get these...I keep seeing ppl say from the dvd's or somethin, but I buy them and they don't have them...
Depends on where you buy them. Are you sure that aren't you getting chinese copies?
I get them from so no, japanese copies. I do get the ID Cards though, just no poster thing.
Isn't it only the limited editions ones that comes with posters/stickers?
I would say that apparently they only come with this First Press release thing...and Japan Amazon doesn't sell them, that or I can't read it to find how to...ah well...
hmm... if i remember right, at least for limited edition, there is usually a different set of kanji, etc. after the name of the dvd... however, on first press stuff, thats a luck of the draw thing that even i can't master with :*( .... guess you just have to pre-order everything really early to increase your chances XD
Yeah it's like those 1k or 10k first LE releases that comes with this stuff.