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kara_no_kyoukai ryougi_shiki

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I know, isn't it? Are we suppose to be happy that we get to see her boots way oversized or something?
Oh my god, Shiki wears boots, no socks........
Her feet must be so stinks when she's not wearing socks...I wonder how smelly her toenails is?
Not necessarily. It's genetic and health related. For example my bro wears socks yet his shoes/feet are WMD.
Not pleasant thoughts here. In any case, it's almost always the case when dealing with anime and manga and other such images that what they draw is more a matter of what looks good than common sense.

And technically speaking, she could be wearing those short socks which don't stick out of your shoes, and the one for her left foot is "off screen" because she hasn't put it on yet. So we don't know that she doesn't wear socks with her boots - it just looks like she probably doesn't.
Unlike me.......For me I just love her beautiful feet and toes.......If can I just want her to always barefoot so that I can watch her feet all the time..............And I will always love her feet no matter how smelly or dirty her toenails or feet is......xD