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VampiressMiharu said:
Chiaki > Taiga
You mean : primary school girl > high school girl.
VampiressMiharu said:
What's that supposed to mean?
My brain is 'sploding right now. How the fuck does errisy's comment equal "breasts"? Or maybe aganainotoki's head just needs to be checked out. Like the troll who said he/she wanted to touch Akiko's penis (WHAT indeed). Or maybe that was shitiest joke I've ever read.

On a side note, I hate how Chiaki looks so "colorless" compared to Taiga. They're vomit-like colors :p.
Sorry for the confusion, I mean Chiaki's breasts are bigger than Taiga's...
This would be funnier if she were holding a tiger rather than a bear...
They're quite similar, aren't they :D
errisy said:
You mean : primary school girl > high school girl.
lol at least Taiga is "legal"
lfl0620 said:
Nope! They're just two similar characters from two differe t shows. It'd be crazy if they were though. ; )