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da_capo da_capo_ii da_capo_(series) seifuku thighhighs transparent_png vector_trace yukimura_anzu

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kyoushiro said:
TEH trap! :o
(☞゚∀゚)☞ NO U
B-but... she looks like a boy! :o
She's a pure breed gal, kyoushiro >.<

pfff... Maya Iincho maybe?? :)
Maya Iincho at least looks like a girl, Maya iincho.

A very bully and strict girl, but a girl after all.

maybe it's the angle and maybe it's the anime's artwork, but in the DC2 games there's no doubt that anzu-chan is a girl :P
hmmm, also, why does maya iincho remind me of akane iincho from kanokon?