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Athena looks especially cute on this cover. Its great that KOF XII gave her a somewhat new look.
... no :|

1.- KOF XII is horrible.
2-.- That's Athena's outfit from Psycho Soldiers.
I recall her wearing blue in that. I think..? I dunno. I assumed this was from XII because of the color.

And lets not hate, the gameplay is solid in that game. I started playing it at the arcade before the console release, so I don't really judge it on its online or bland menus.
>>the gameplay is solid

Solid in the world of mediocrity.

Crappiest KOF I've ever played, even comparing it to atrocious attempts like 99 and 2k1. No wonder why only a very reduced niche likes the game, while the rest of the KOF fanbase totally rejected it.
Don't get me wrong, its no KOF 98, but I found some enjoyment from it. Mostly because the community I play with enjoy it so much and it gets competitive around here. I'm mostly a Capcom fighter player, but games like KOF XII and Blazblue are a nice breath of fresh air for me.
Putting such a fine piece of fighter like BB next to a giant failure like KOF XII is an insult.

"I liked it" != "it's good". Because it isn't. Seriously, trying to see good things to this... thing won't make it better or anything. There are also some communities that play a lot of Karnov's Revenge and "play it on high level coz they enjoy it"... it doesn't change the fact that the game is absolute crap.

If this game was so highly bashed by its supposedly main target (KOF players), it's because the game didn't meet expectations:

-Low res sprites (considering we're in the 720p and 1080p era).
-Poor variety of scenarios and music.
-VERY poor roster. Even KOF94 is better than this.
-Involution in gameplay. Yes, I said it, the game didn't evolve, gameplay wise.
-Weird ideas that weren't implemented right, like that (shitty) Critical Counter move.
-BUGS. Bugs that ruin the game.