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What's the meaning of anthropomorphization?

And why this post and many k-on! posts have this tag?
anthropomorphization (plural anthropomorphizations)
1. endowing with human qualities.
2. attributing human characteristics to something that is nonhuman.

Animal-human get tagged with nekomimi or that, so its probably the fish+head, ball-head and propeller-head in this case. As for the k-on! posts, not a clue.
I did a personification > anthropomorphization alias just a few minutes ago. No idea why someone just tagged a bunch of posts with it.
Ooooooow so many chibis! Very great ideas for outfits! I love this!

And Aurelia changed her avatar! YAY It's Freya! ♥D♥ Nicee :3
Trouble is that the anthropomorphization tag is applicable to a large chunk of the images on this site. Who is going to maintain it?
Theriomorphism would be applicable to any human character with animal_ears or nekomimi, a lot of images. Anthropomorphization just a few.
van said:
I had to look that term up.
fireattack said:
What's the meaning of anthropomorphization?

And why this post and many k-on! posts have this tag?
good to see young and eager minds ready to learn.
my good friend, there is much to explain and so little time

You see, anthropomorphism is a mix of anthropoid, meaning vertebrate animal (and some debate that it means arthropod: study of specific human races), and morph meaning "to change appearance, or transform". You see, unlike animal ears, anthropomorphic art involves animal like facial features such as bone structure within the face similar to the animal the person is mixed with, and/or fur covering the aforementioned subject. the slang term for this is "furry" due to the common feature of animal or animal like fur associated with the character.

Some argue that they are themselves "furry" or "furries" either in real life (rare, but not unheard of), or (most common) online persona, or "furrsona" (get it?) (see Some of these people hold conventions to support their beliefs (see

on the other side, there are those who protest furries and overall are disapproving of anything furry(see These people believe that furries choose this lifestyle because they are in some way "disturbed" or immature, and wish to rid the idea of "furry" being anything other than a fetish due to their beliefs that people use "fursonas" as an excuse to hide these such fetishes.

i hope this as been enlightening for you.
(⨀__⨀)wow!! so many evolution theory....
Are all the different Miku outfits from different PV's, or did the artist design them himself?

If the first case is true, I'd really like to know what songs they're from.